One of my favorite things about my career in Las Vegas tourism was always getting the opportunity to truly see people. And not just seeing them in the polished (and often repressed) form that they normally presented themselves to others in professional and personal settings, but actually seeing them as they vacationed away from their responsibilities and felt more comfortable exploring their curiosities. Likely, being more of who they actually are than who they allow themselves to be otherwise. 

I’d see this at nightclubs where tourists would drink enough until they had the courage to explore what they always wanted to, at gentlemen’s clubs where dancers would share stories of what customers would ask them, in conversations at 24 hour bars where service industry employees would let loose and talk about work, and, most explicitly, in the substantial number of ‘intimate’ encounters that I’ve personally had with way more people than I probably care to admit. 

I’ve learned repeatedly through all of this that people are just people, regardless of their background, profession, status, or (especially) the story that they tell everyone else about themselves. I’ve learned not to judge anyone for anything, so long as it is consensual, legal, and doesn’t actually hurt anyone. 

And I have a very deeply-held core belief that all people should be treated with the same respect and dignity, regardless of what they do, what they look like, what they’re into (unless others are getting hurt), or anything else about them. 

While used underwear isn’t personally my thing, online entrepreneurship is, and one of my few real “gifts” in this world is being able to see where an interesting and unique opportunity exists and to develop an online business around it. In this case, a truly “under” served market (sorry, couldn’t resist…). 

After I sold JackColton.com (www.lasvegasnightclubs.com) in 2014, one of the concepts I wrote out for potential future development was called StripperInc.com, which was meant to give dancers at Las Vegas stripclubs a safe platform to sell their thongs and underwear to the customers who I learned apparently request them all the time. Similarly, it would provide customers with peace of mind, since everything was verified to be from the person selling it. 

For one reason or another (likely not wanting to be associated with a fetish website), I sat on the concept for years. Then 2020 happened. With everything being shut down, especially in Las Vegas, a perfect storm was occuring for an updated version of “Stripper Inc” to be developed to a much wider audience. Porn was seeing a huge uptick in viewership, shut downs were forcing more and more people into online caming, the majority of the dancers in Las Vegas were looking for other sources of income, and all of the existing dirty underwear sites were kind of messy and mostly only catered to female sellers. 

After looking for a way to sustain our company (www.silentwest.com) through more ecommerce, I updated the Stripper Inc concept to what Under Fans now is and started making some calls. The response was overwhelmingly positive from everyone, so we furthered development and launched the first version of the site within roughly 60 days, immediately being inundated with seller applications and strategic partnership requests. 

As we continue to grow this brand into whatever it becomes, we appreciate your support and for joining us on this new journey. 


Jack Colton

CEO, Silent West + Under Fans

Instagram: @JackColton